Targeting Liver Diseases 2015 - Tracks Selection

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Targeting Liver Diseases 2015 Tracks

Track 1:
Liver Diseases 2015: The Mechanistic
Cellular and Molecular Mechanism

Track 2: Biomarkers & Liver

New devices & biotechnologies to evaluate liver dysfunctions 
New non invasive methods to evaluate liver

Track 3: Liver diseases, redox modulation & Oxidative stress: the subtle balance
Strategies to overcome liver dysfunctions by antioxidants
Role of antioxidants, curcumin, N-acetyl cysteine

Track 4: Liver Diseases & Drugs Development

Track 5: Liver & Microbiota

Track 6: Liver & Stem Cells

Track 7: Liver Transplantation

Track 8: Liver & Telemedicine

Track 9: Others
If you have any other topics related to liver diseases, please don't hesitate to submit your abstracts.