Dr Aqeilan will talk about the Rewiring metabolism in Liver Cancer during Malta targeting Liver Diseases World Congress 2015


Rewiring Metabolism in Liver Cancer: A story of a large gene, will be the focus of Dr. Aqeilan durind the Targeting Liver Disease World Congress 2015 held in Malta, on June 25-26.

"During malignant transformation cancer cells undergo significant metabolic changes. The change in glucose metabolism is the best-known example of metabolic reprogramming in cancer cells. The main source of cellular energy in cancer cells is glycolysis, even in the presence of abundant oxygen, and is known as aerobic glycolysis or “Warburg effect”. Thehypoxia-inducible factor 1 (HIF1α) is a transcription factor that regulates many genes responsible for aerobic glycolysis. We recently demonstrate that loss of tumor suppressor WWOX (WW domain-containing oxidoreductase) activates aerobic glycolysis, via regulating levels and activity ofHIF1α, and promotes liver carcinogenesis."

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