Targeting Liver Diseases 2023 Preliminary Program

Targeting Liver Diseases 2023

Sciences, Clinical Innovations and Biotechnology

December 1-2, 2023 - Lisbon, Portugal

Preliminary Agenda


Day 1 – December 1, 2023

07h30 - 08h55 Welcoming of Attendees

09h00 Welcome Note by Scientific Committee

Session 1: Liver Diseases 2023: The Mechanistic

Cellular & Molecular Mechanisms

10h30: Coffee Break & Posters Session

Session 2: Biomarkers & Liver: State of the art & Innovations

New devices & biotechnologies to evaluate liver dysfunctions
New non invasive methods to evaluate liver
12h30: Lunch Break & Posters Session

Session 3: Targeting Liver Mitochondria
Liver diseases, redox modulation & Oxidative stress: the subtle balance
Strategies to overcome liver dysfunctions by antioxidants: controversies and credibility

16h00: Coffee Break & Posters Session
16h30 Short Oral Presentations upon Abstracts Submission (Sessions 1-2-3)

18h30 End of First Day
20h00 Targeting Liver Diseases Dinner with Speakers & Participants

Day 2 – December 1, 2023

09h00 Opening of Targeting Liver Diseases Second Day

Session 4: Liver Diseases & Drugs in Development

10h30: Coffee Break & Posters Session

Session 5: Liver & Innovations
Liver & Microbiota
Liver & Stem Cells
Liver Transplantation
12h30: Lunch Break & Posters Session

14h00 Call for Innovations & Demonstrations 
The scientific committee invites all academics, researchers & industrials to present their latest researches and innovations in term of liver diseases detection, prevention & treatment
15h30: Coffee Break & Posters Session

16h00 Special Session on Liver & Telemedicine
: What is the impact of telemedicine on liver diseases treatment and management?

7h00 Discussion & Conclusion of Targeting Liver Diseases 2023 Conference
          Targeting Liver Diseases 2023 Awards

17h30 End of Targeting Liver Diseases 2023 Conference