The Scientific Committee discerned several awards during Targeting Liver Diseases World Congress 2015

Targeting liver diseases World conference 2015 awards

During the 2nd World Congress on Targeting Liver Diseases which was held in Malta on June 25-26, Pr Marvin Edeas & Pr Rifaat Safadi, chairmen of the Scientific Committee, awarded the following speakers:

Dr Tatsuya Osaki, University of Tsukuba, Japan was awarded for his poster presentation about "Engineering of transplantable liver tissues with iPS-derived hepatic spheroids"

Dr James Tabibian, Mayo Clinic, USA was awarded for his poster presentation about "Normalization of Serum Alkaline Phosphatase is a biomarker of decreases adverse outcome risk in primary sclerosing cholangitis"

Targeting Liver Diseases Award Dr OsakiTargeting Liver Diseases Award Dr Tabibian


Dr Giorgia Marisi, IRST-IRCCS, Italy, was awarded for her short oral presentation on "Enos Polymorphismps in Relation to Outcome in Advanced HCC Patients Receiving Sorafenib Final Result of Ephas Study"

Targeting Liver Diseases Award Dr Marisi


Three honour awards were discerned to scientists working for industrial applications:

  • Dr Rainer Mutschler, from BioMedical Center Speyer, Germany
  • Dr Tibor Bakacs, from HepC Ltd, Hungary
  • Dr Yvan Petyaev, from Lycotec Ltd, United Kingdom

Targeting Liver Diseases Award Dr Mutschler

Targeting Liver Diseases Award Dr PetyaevTargeting Liver Diseases Award Dr Bakacs


Finally, the scientific contribution award was discerned to Pr Raj Lakshman, from George Washington University, USA for his presentation related to "Alcohol Abuse, Oxidative Stress, Nucleoredoxin and Hepatic fibrogenesis: Role of Polyphenols" and all his contribution in the field of Liver Diseases.

Targeting Liver Diseases Award Pr Lakshman

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On behalf of Pr Edeas & Pr Safadi
Chairmen of Targeting LIver Diseases 2015